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What is Primary Recruitment?

Primary recruitment, formally known as “Formal” Recruitment, is the organized 6 day process that women interested in joining a sorority sign up for through Panhellenic. It is during the fall semester each year at UGA.

How does recruitment work?

Primary Recruitment lasts 6 days and includes 4 recruitment “rounds” with Bid Day on the last day. This year, Round 1 (Open House) will be August 16th-17th. Each woman going through recruitment will visit all 19 sororities between these days. Round 2, Philanthropy Round, will take place on August 18th-19th and each woman will return back to up to 14 sororities. From August 20th-21st, women will participate in no recruitment activities for the start of UGA classes. Recruitment will resume with Round 3 (House Tours) on August 22nd, where each woman will return to up to 8 sororities. August 23rd will be the final (Preferential) round where women will return to up to 2 sororities. Bid Day will take place on August 24th and mark the conclusion of Primary Recruitment! During each round you will meet sisters from the chapters you visit and through a process of mutual selection, you will find the sisterhood that best suits you.

What is a legacy?

A woman whose sister, mother, grandmother or aunt is or was a Sigma Kappa! Being a legacy does not guarantee membership to a sorority. Legacy status may be disclosed on the recruitment application.

What should I talk about during recruitment?

It’s important to be yourself and let the people you meet know your true colors! It’s great to talk about your interests, accomplishments and goals/future plans so the women you talk to get the best understanding of who you are and what you may bring to their sisterhood. Try thinking of a few topics about yourself you might want to bring up in conversation before recruitment starts.

Can upperclassmen go through recruitment?



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